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Introducing a new payment solution - Mangopay!

Gustas Germanavičius
ceo / Founder
Introducing a new payment solution - Mangopay!
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In order to make it easier for you to start investing, we are introducing a new payment solution Mangopay. From now you can create a wallet and start investing in a few minutes.

What do you need to do?

- If you haven’t completed Ondato verification, you need to verify your identity. If you already did it, that’s great - let’s skip to the next step!
- Once you log in, you will be able to see the select payment providers page, where you’ll be able to select Mangopay or Paysera.
- If you select Mangopay, you’ll be able to make your first deposit from your bank account to your Mangopay account according to the bank details shown on the deposit page.
- As soon as your deposit is accredited, you will receive a confirmation email.


We offer a possibility to select between both of our payment solutions partners Mangopay and Paysera, but if you had challenges with setting up a Paysera account in the past, we hope that Mangopay will enable you a way to start easier. 

Open a free Mangopay account today!