Frequently asked

Getting started
What is InRento?

InRento is the first and largest licensed buy-to-let crowdfunding platform in the EU. InRento was recognised as the best investment tech at the European Fintech Awards in 2022. InRento is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

What are the benefits of investing via InRento?

InRento enables investors to earn passive income from buy-to-let projects.

With InRento, you don’t need to have large amounts of funds to be able to invest in buy-to-let projects

The main advantages of the investment are:

-Lower risk projects as project owners usually pay monthly interest from monthly rent;

-Capital gains, which allows investors to earn additional returns on the success of the project;

- Monthly interest rates are indexed to inflation in certain projects, which helps protect funds against inflation;

In addition, all investments are protected by a mortgage - in other words, a pledge of real estate to investors.

How does InRento differ from other platforms?

Unlike other investment platforms, investors don’t have to think hard about how the investment will generate income, as the cash flows of InRento projects depend on rental income. Generally, buy-to-let is considered a lower-risk investment compared to development real estate investments. 

In most projects, the rental income is higher than the monthly interest payments paid by the project owner, which significantly reduces risk of default.

Additionally, we are one-of-a-kind because investors can earn capital gains when projects are successfully realised. For more information, see the description of each project.

Finally, in certain projects that focus on short-term or holiday rentals, investors are granted a "timeshare" - the possibility to stay for a certain number of nights for free in a project you have invested. Number of nights depends on the amount invested.

What happens to my investments if InRento goes into bankruptcy?

InRento is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania, and for this reason, the company has to follow strict capital requirements. In the unlikely scenario of InRento’s default, a contractual administrator would be appointed to service obligations to investors and project owners.

InRento acts as an intermediary and expert in sourcing financing applications investments. Investment agreements are concluded directly between investors and project owners. That means that any other administrator or financial institution could take over loans.

How to start investing through InRento?

First, you need to register and become part of our investor community:https://inrento.lt/private-registration.html

Then confirm your identity and choose one of the payment service providers – Paysera or Mangopay.

Once you have successfully created a payments account from which you will be investing, top it up by making a transfer from any bank in the EU.

Finally, select the project you want to invest in, read the terms and click - Invest.

What legal regulations apply to InRento?

InRento platform is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania and is operating under the regulations and law of crowdfunding service providers, and follows the regulations of European Union. More information is available on the Bank of Lithuania website:https://www.lb.lt/en/sfi-financial-market-participants/uab-inrento

What is the share capital of InRento?

InRento's share capital amounts to EUR 694,673.74.

Adding funds
Where are investor funds held?

Before investing on the platform, all clients of InRento must open a Paysera or Mangopay payments account where each client keeps funds separately, in an account opened in their own name. Both Paysera and Mangopay are licensed and regulated financial institutions. 

InRento does not directly touch clients’ funds, and all the time, investor’s funds are kept separately from InRento activity.

Paysera financial license number - LB000251 (https://www.lb.lt/en/sfi-financial-market-participants/paysera-lt-uab)

Mangopay financial license number- B173459 (https://searchentities.apps.cssf.lu/search-entities/entite/details/9651?lng=en&q=&st=advanced&entNames=mangopay)

How can I add funds to my InRento account?

Log in to your InRento account, and select – “Deposit” in the “Portfolio” section.

Keep in mind that before funds are deposited, you must have chosen one of the payment systems – Paysera or Mangopay.

You can top up your investment account by making a transfer from any bank in the EU.




Who can invest in InRento projects?

People (adults) over 18 years old who hold a bank account. Before investing, clients must confirm their identity and choose one of the payment systems – Paysera or Mangopay.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is 500 EUR.

What are the applicable fees for investors?

InRento clients are not subject to any investment fees when investing in fixed-interest rate projects on the primary market. 

Investors are only subject to a 2% secondary market fee if an investor decides to sell their investment to another investor before the loan is repaid.

In addition, if the project owner is non-compliant with financial obligations and is late on interest payments for investors, InRento charges a 0.1% loan administration fee on the late interest penalty.

Finally, InRento projects in which investors have a variable capital gain or, in other words, a share of the profits, will be subject to an accounting fee . Information on how it is calculated and whether it is applied can be found in the project description and on the Interest Table page.

What is the flow of funds when investing on InRento?


After an investor makes an investment into a particular project, the funds are moved into a client’s sub-wallet, which is used only for that project’s investment. When the project is funded and property is being mortgaged, the funds are transferred to the project owner’s wallet and paid out to his bank account.

In a situation where the project would be cancelled, the funds are returned to the investor's main Mangopay wallet.


After an investor makes an investment into a particular project, the funds are reserved in the investor’s account. When the project is funded and property is being mortgaged, the funds are transferred to the escrow account controlled by Paysera and then paid out to the project owner’s bank account.

In a situation where the project would be cancelled, the funds are returned to the investor's Paysera account.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
What is two-factor authentication (2FA), and how does it work?

2FA helps to increase the security of your investment account. You will need to verify the login with an external authentication mechanism.

InRento uses – Google Authenticator, which is commonly used on other websites. If you activate 2FA for your InRento account, you will be prompted each time you log in.

How to enable the 2FA feature?

Log in to your InRento account, select – Account, and click – Two-factor authentication. After activating 2FA, you will be asked to scan the QR code and enter the code each time you log in.

Secondary Market
What is the secondary market?

A Secondary Market is a place where you can sell your investments to other investors or buy investments from other investors.

What is the secondary market fee?

The seller is charged 2% of the selling price (investment).

What are a discount and a premium on the secondary market?

With a discount, you can sell your investment at a lower principal value than it is nominally. The higher the discount, the faster you are likely to sell your investment.

With a premium, you can sell your investment at a higher price than you bought it. The higher the premium, the longer it may take to sell the investment. 

Do you have to pay taxes on income received from InRent projects?

You can find all information related to taxes on this page: https://inrento.lt/blog/important-information-about-taxes

Where do I find my tax report?

You can find your tax report by accessing your InRento account’s section –  “Taxes”.