InRento imprint

InRento imprint
Company name
InRento UAB
Commercial registration code
Country of registration
Regulated by
The Bank of Lithuania
Field of activity
Crowdfunding platform operator
Registered address
Sporto str. 12-114, LT-09238, Vilnius, Lithuania
Actual place of business
ROCKIT | Gynėjų g. 14, LT-01109 Vilnius
VAT number
Managing director
Gustas Germanavičius
Contact Info
E-mail address
Phone number
Company Overview

InRento operates in the real estate crowdfunding space offering investments opportunities from multiple countries. InRento acts as a bridge between borrowers and investors. Every investor has the ability to choose from different investment opportunities that are available at any given time. InRento is regulated by The Bank of Lithuania.


InRento platform statistics are always available for anyone interested in reading them. You can find our statistics by pressing here.


There are no fees applied for investing on the platform: no deposit fees, no withdrawal fees, investing fees or placement fees. However, there are some fees that can be found by pressing here.

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