Risk disclaimer


Investment via the platform of crowdfunding INRENTO is concerned with risks, if they occur, the investor can lose the profit earned and all or part of the sum of his/her invested funds. The Operator of the Platform aims to appropriately manage these risks, but cannot guarantee the success of the Projects, the recovery of all the invested funds and earning potential profit.

The notions used in this description are understood the way they are described in the General conditions of the loan published in the Platform, in the Agreement of the Use of the Platform or other documents published in the Platform except for the cases when the context requires otherwise.

Due to that it is important that the users of the Platform would perform the transactions of crowdfunding only having got acquainted with the risks concerned and understanding them.

Please note that your investments are not covered by the deposit insurance scheme established in accordance with Directive 2014/49/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2015 on deposit guarantee schemes.

Below are the factors of the risks concerning investment via the Platform are provided, as well as their descriptions:

The risk of the party of the transaction

Risk that the owner of the project, to whom the loan is granted, will not perform his/her liabilities undertaken according to the Loan Agreement and (or) will perform them inappropriately. When this risk occurs, the Operator can take measures accessible to it and enforcement measures aiming to protect the interests of the investor, but cannot guarantee that it will be possible to recover all the invested sum.

The risk of the market

The Results of the Project can deteriorate due to the changes in the economic situation of the country, region or in a certain market segment – the income of rent can decrease, expenses can increase, the prices of the sale of the assets can decrease. It can negatively affect the received variable income connected with the Project (e. g. variable interest, profit share having sold assets). Due to the negative changes of market there is a possibility for investors not to receive variable income or they can decrease. If market conditions significantly change, the owner of the Project cannot be able to implement his/her obligations.

The risk of property damage or loss

There is a risk that the immovable property concerning the Project and used as collateral can require repair work or that an emergency event can happen due to which the aasets would be damaged or destroyed. Aiming to manage this risk, the owners of the Project would be required to insure such assets with insurance which would be valid until the complete fulfilment of the liabilities of the owner of the Project according to the Loan Agreement.

The risk of assets liquidity

Due to the limited liquidity of the segment of the immovable property it can be complicated to sell he assets connected with the Project at the suitable moment and under favourable conditions. In case this risk occurs, the owners of the project can be late to execute their obligations.

The risk of investment liquidity

Investors will not have a chance to recover the funds invested in the Project until the end of the period of the Project implementation. The Operator, aiming to provide an opportunity for the investors to transfer its possessed Claims, can grant a chance for the investors to use the Secondary Market, but cannot guarantee at any extent that the Claims can be sold in all cases (or that it would be possible to recover invested funds) before the end of the period of the Project implementation.

Legal and political risk

Chganges in legal or political environment can affect the income of the Project, as well as process and (or) icome received by the investors. Public taxes concerning the immvable property, its rent or crowdfunding can change, which can negatively affect the return on the assets received by the investors.

Unforeseen changes

The factors of unforeseen global changes and force majeure can influence the market of the rent of the immovable property (e. g. terrorism, political instability, COVID-19 pandemic), as well as income received from it. Due to that the possibility of the owner of the Project can be negatively affected to implement the Project and obligations concerning it on time and (or) income received from the Project. Correspondingly, it can also negatively affect the possibilities of the investors to earn return from their invested funds or (and) recover them.

Diversification riskIt is not recommended to invest more than 10% of your net worth. Before making an investment please, assess your ability to bear losses using Calculator page in Account section.