Price List

InvestorSigning up on the platform, creating a user account and administering a user accountFree
InvestorServices rendered by PayseraAcc. to the rates applied by Paysera
InvestorServices rendered by Mangopay (Except Credit/Debit card deposits)Free
InvestorMangopay Credit/Debit card deposits2% from deposit amount
InvestorInvestment feeFree
InvestorSecondary Market trade2% of the sale price paid by the seller
InvestorLate loans administration fee0.1% of the overdue amount per day
BorrowerOperator’s fee for publication of the application3.5 – 7% of the funding amount of the project
BorrowerDelay fee for collaterals5% of the funding amount of the project
BorrowerFee for non-compliance with the verification obligation2.5% of the funding amount of the project
BorrowerContract termination fee As defined in the loan's general terms 
BorrowerPreparation of creditor's consent documents100 EUR per document
BorrowerPreparation of interest payment schedule document1500 EUR per document
BorrowerNotary services Acc. to notary fees (paid by the borrower)
BorrowerBailiff servicesAcc. to the bailiff’s rates (paid by the borrower)

Details of applicable fees and the terms of their application are provided in the Contract on the Use of the Crowdfunding Platform, the General Terms and Conditions of the Loan Agreement, and other contracts and arrangements signed between the Operator and the customers.

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