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Bank of Lithuania issues ECSP license to InRento

Gustas Germanavičius
Bank of Lithuania issues ECSP license to InRento
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Dear Investor,

We are pleased to inform you that today – 10th of November, 2023. The Bank of Lithuania has issued to InRento a European Crowdfunding (ECSP) license. 

The key difference between this license and the previous one is that from now on InRento will be able to reach the entire European Union market and we will be able to actively attract investors from all over the European Union. 

Accordingly, the new license changes the procedures for calculating credit assessment scores, the suitability of a transaction for an investor and the pricing and rates of interest. Another key change is the possibility for investors to cancel an investment within four days from the date of the transaction, but we remind you that this functionality has already been in place on the InRento platform for some time.

Kind regards,
Gustas Germanavičius
Founder and CEO at InRento