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InRento Investors 21’ Q2 Update

Gustas Germanavičius
InRento Investors 21’ Q2 Update
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Dear InRento investors,

In the midst of the summer, I am happy to introduce you to the second quarterly investors’ update of InRento investors. I can say that this year summer holidays are really felt in the Real Estate market, while very few new listings come up and everyone including sellers and even notaries are on holiday.

However, this hasn’t stopped our work and I’m really excited to share with you our latest updates, therefore, without further due, let’s dive into the quarterly overview.

Properties portfolio 

We have already listed and fully funded 7 projects in total, which amounts to close to 1 Million Euros worth of investments. Currently, the portfolio consists of usage: 29% Residential and 71% Commercial.

Numbers and data 

  • Number of listed investment opportunities: 7 (+3.5X quarterly change);
  • Number of property units: 15 (+86% quarterly change);
  • The average gross rental return of listed properties: 8.25% p.a. (-1.2% change);
  • The average net investment return is currently: 6.95% p.a. (+2.2% change);
  • The average investment per user in each project was: 4,058 EUR (-24% change);
  • The total rental amount that was distributed to Inrento’s investors: 9711.58 EUR (+4.2X change);

Projects pipeline 

Right now we have confirmed 3 investment opportunities which we are going to launch during next quarter, however, we expect to offer at least 7 new projects during the upcoming quarter. 

Additionally, we are going to begin offering investment opportunities outside of Vilnius, by starting with properties in Kaunas, Lithuania. I am satisfied with the level of diversification we have offered so far on our platform. We have already offered luxury apartments in the old town, affordable housing in the suburbs, warehouses, small and large offices and even motorbikes service facilities. This quarter we are going to continue offering a wide range of diversification by providing access to invest in even other asset classes.

Foreign markets 

It’s not a secret that when we set out to build InRento we never limited ourselves only with the local market. During the upcoming quarter, we expect to launch the first deal from abroad, starting with a property from Spain and then branching out in Ireland. In both of the countries our main focus will be residential properties for short, medium and long term rent.

We will share with you more information and articles detailing our plans for each given country in the coming months. 

We are hiring 

With our global ambition in mind, we are strengthening our team and we are hiring a CMO with experience in regulated industries, a risk analyst with a background working in foreign markets. If you see yourself in one of these positions or would like to join InRento’s team- send us your CV at info@inrento.com.

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Gustas Germanavičius 
CEO and Founder of InRento