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Start earning monthly rental income and capital gains with investments starting at just €500! All investments are secured with property mortgages.

Europe FinTech Awards 2022
#1 Investment Tech of the Year
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Average Annual Return
Amount Funded

These numbers reflect the data about investments of InRento and companies InRento acquired and merged with.

The Most Recent Projects

Z8, Vilnius II
1st-rank Mortgage

Z8, Vilnius II

€ 75 883 (75.88%)
Annual return
7.12% – 7.62%
Property type
A19, Vilnius II
1st-rank Mortgage

A19, Vilnius II

€ 67 800 (100%)
Annual return
7% – 7.5%
Property type
Co-living: P97, Vilnius II
1st-rank Mortgage

Co-living: P97, Vilnius II

€ 200 000 (100%)
Annual return
6.5–7% + 1.75%
Property type

How we’re different?

Licensed & Regulated

InRento is the EU's first and largest licensed buy-to-let crowdfunding platform. Services of InRento are licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.

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Interest From Rent & Capital Gains

Interest on the InRento platform is generated from rent and capital gains. Interest from rent is distributed monthly, while potential capital gains are distributed at the end of the project.

Secondary Market

Worried that you will need your money sooner than the project is finished? You can exit your investments early at any time by listing the investment on the Secondary Market.

Visit Secondary Market.

Antidote for Inflation

In most of the projects, income from rent is adjusted to inflation to protect your capital from depreciation. The historical data of the real estate market shows that real estate tends to outperform inflation by around 1% in the long run.

Collateral and Security

All investments on the InRento platform are secured by 1st-rank mortgages. In most of the projects, the interest rate that is being paid by the borrower doesn’t exceed the rental income, which reduces the borrower’s default risk.

Available When You Need

Any questions or concerns about projects or the platform itself? No worries- schedule a call below with our licensed investment experts at the time of your convenience.

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How InRento


Signing Up

Investors sign up, verify their identity and top up their investments account.



Once the account is ready, investor invests in a buy-to-let project.



When project funding is completed, investments are being secured by placing a mortgage and only then funds are transferred to project owner.


Monthly interest payouts

On a monthly basis interest from rental income is distributed as a fixed-interest. Even if the property is vacant, the project owner is obliged to pay fixed-interest to investors.


Project completion

During the investment period the project owner is obliged to complete the project and repay investors. Based on the investment terms: fixed or variable capital gains shall be paid at project completion.

InRento vs Inflation

If you invested 5 years ago 10,000 EUR, with an average of 8%, today you would have 14336.56 EUR. If you hadn't invested during the same 5 years, your 10,000 EUR would be barely worth today 9,035 EUR based on official inflation data by European Commission.

10336.56 €
9834.46 €
11336.56 €
9534.46 €
14336.56 €
9034.46 €
14336.56 €
9034.46 €
14336.56 €
9034.46 €
14336.56 €
9034.46 €
Avg. annual return
Avg. Capital gains
Late loans
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In the press:

Thanks to a buy-to-let crowdfunding platform InRento, almost anyone can become a property investor today.

InRento has merged with the largest real estate aggregator in Europe EvoEstate, and become the EU’s largest licensed buy-to-let crowdfunding platform.

Proptech start-up InRento has raised 530,000 euros for market expansion.

InRento has recently expanded its operation into Spain and just announced the acquisition of Estonian real estate marketplace BitOfProperty.

InRento is one of the first companies to implement a timeshare method for crowdfunding. It is a rising trend that came from the USA to Europe.


Investing in real estate was never easier

InRento is an excellent overall alternative to traditional investing in real estate. I highly recommend having a call with one of their team members before starting to invest. This has helped me a lot in understanding how the platform works.

Mihai Victor
I've been investing on InRento platform for more than a year

I've been investing on InRento platform for more than a year. During this period not a single project was late, interest was paid on time and if I would have any questions customer support solves them within days. For many years I've been investing in a traditional way: buy rental properties and renting them. However, with every month I'm increasing my InRento portfolio because it doesn't require any management and every month I'm getting interest payments.

Andrius Guzauskas
An excellent choice for investing in European Real Estate

InRento is quickly becoming my favourite real estate investment platform in Europe. Returns are realistic and have a very good risk return ratio i.e returns are good and risks are relatively low.

James Cody
Solid returns with very manageable risk

I invested in a total of 14 InRento projects, why? You invest in developed properties, some of which are already rented or about to be rented. If vacancies arise when there is a change of tenants, these are 'sweetened' with a so-called 'fixed interest rate' for the duration of the vacancy. Liquidity: You can sell your investment on the secondary market at any time. Cash Flow: Rent is paid every month, just like with 'conventional' rented property.

Oliver Scholten