S35, Kaunas III

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Reasons to invest in the project S35, Kaunas III:

The medical facilities are in the city center; 

Long term: 10-year rental contract (tied to inflation);

The tenant is investing in the facilities 80,000 EUR;

Attractive rental yield; 

The premises have been independently valued at 317,000 EUR (updated);

The owner of the project is an experienced real estate administrator.

The “InRento“ team is launching the third and last stage of the buy to let investment opportunity located in Kaunas, Lithuania - S35, Kaunas III. The investment case consists of two medical facilities located in the city center at the address: Šiaulių st. 35, Kaunas (referred to as S35, Kaunas III). The medical facilities are just 2 minutes away by walk from the bus and the train stations.

The Risk Rating for this project is A. The usage of the premises (according to the Registry Center) is medical. Kaunas has a shortage of medical usage facilities inside the city. The total area of the premises is 177.19 m² (106.6 m² and 76.59m²). 

The premises are currently in the final stages of installation. The tenant will complete the interiors by investing at least EUR 80,000. The project owner has established a 10-year rental contract with the medical clinic, which is indexed to inflation and is valid until 2031-07-15. 

The annual interest rate for investors: 6.04% (investors have been receiving interest on their accounts for the first stages of this project since November 2021). The first payment of rental income (interest) for this stage is scheduled for March 25th, 2022. This project also has a variable capital gain potential. If the assets are sold at a higher price than they were acquired, the capital gain will be distributed proportionally between the investors, the project owner, and InRento (more information below).


We would like to inform you that InRento has transferred the investors the share of the profit of InRento, which is distributed on the sale of the Project Assets. Which for a number of investors has increased the amount that would be distributed in a profit payout. For a detailed explanation please read below.

Previously, the investor’s profit share was set based on the investment amount:

Invested up to EUR 15,000 – 45%;
Invested from EUR 15,000 EUR (inclusive) up to EUR 30,000 – 50%;
Invested from EUR 30,000 EUR (inclusive) – 55%.

After InRento has transferred its share of the profit, all investors’ share of the profit is equal to 55%. However, based on the amount invested, an accounting fee may be applied:

Invested up to EUR 15,000 – 0.18;
Invested from EUR 15,000 (inclusive) up to EUR 30,000 – 0.09;
Invested from EUR 30,000 (inclusive) – 0 (investment terms have not changed).

In the case of this project, for a certain group of investors in case of profit payout, the net amount grows. Below you can find an example and comparison of how a payout of 100 EUR changes based on the previous and updated structure:

Previous structure:

Invested up to EUR 15,000 – payable profit 45 EUR = 45% * EUR 100;
Invested from EUR 15,000 (inclusive) up to EUR 30,000 – payable profit 50 EUR = 50% * EUR 100;
Invested from EUR 30,000 (inclusive) payable profit 55 EUR = 55% * EUR 100 (investment terms have not changed).

From now:

Invested up to EUR 15,000 – payable profit 45.1 EUR = 55% * EUR 100 * (1-0.18). The amount grows. 
Invested from EUR 15,000 (inclusive) up to EUR 30,000 – payable profit 50.05 EUR = 55% * EUR 100 * (1-0.09). The amount grows. 
Invested from EUR 30,000 (inclusive) payable profit 55 EUR = 55% * EUR 100 * (1-0.00). Investment terms have not changed. 

We are introducing this fee in order to optimize and standardize the methodology of internal accounting procedures and resources, due to the reason the payable amounts and percentages range between projects. This is an operationally intensive process. Additionally, for every payment InRento facilitates, it pays service fees to payment services providers, and in order to ensure cash flow positive operations, a decision was taken to introduce a percentage based tariff on profit rather than gross project profit.

We would like to clarify that investors’ interest from a share of the profit to be distributed on the sale of the assets will be paid out net, which means all applicable fees will be deducted before payment.


The rental income (interest) for February has been distributed to investors for the S35, Kaunas lll project - today. For this reason, the project owner paid a late interest penalty to the investors for the amount which was being late (after deduction of administrative fees: 0.1% per day), which is equal to 36.5% annual interest.

The interest payment for this project to investors for March will take place by April 25th.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@inrento.com or call us at +37069347427. 

InRento team