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You can already stay in the rental properties you invest in: what should you know about a timeshare?

Gustas Germanavičius
ceo / Founder
You can already stay in the rental properties you invest in: what should you know about a timeshare?
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With the growing interest in rental property crowdfunding, there is an opportunity to put your money to work and reap benefits. One of these benefits is a timeshare – the opportunity to stay in the property you have invested in. What should you know? What prospects do you predict?
"A timeshare model has been around in Western Europe and the US for some time. People invest in, for example, large real estate holiday projects and go to stay there once or several times per year", says Gustas Germanavičius, CEO of InRento.
"In short, a timeshare is an opportunity to share a property. For example, it can be a property that a person has bought together with other people, or an investment in a property that, in addition to the financial benefits, also offers the possibility of using it," says Germanavičius.
The opportunity to experience your investment
According to Gustas, InRento clients had the opportunity to invest in a rental project with a timeshare in Spain. Also, there were several investment opportunities with a timeshare in Lithuanian cities - one of them being by the Baltic Sea.
Depending on the amount invested, people will be able to spend a certain number of nights during the high and low seasons in the property they have invested in via InRento. Typically, to benefit from a timeshare, a minimum investment of €5,000 is required.
"One of our main areas of financing is short-term rentals and hotels. By offering timeshare projects to our clients, we offer a win-win situation for the people investing and the project owners. The people who put their money to work see that their investment is tangible, and the project owners get extra attention. InRento offers the opportunity to invest online in order to achieve a financial return and gain the emotional reward of staying in the property you have invested in," says Germanavičius.
Timeshare supply will grow
InRento is the EU’s first and largest buy-to-let crowdfunding platform, which offers a timeshare. However, the supply of timeshare on the market is expected to grow shortly.
"It stands to reason that more companies will start offering it over time if this service is beneficial for everyone. Of course, we also plan to offer more similar projects in the future in more and more different locations in Lithuania and abroad," says G. Germanavičius.