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Q2, 2023 Investors' Update

Gustas Germanavičius
Q2, 2023 Investors' Update
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Dear investor,

Q2 2023 in numbers

- Number of new projects: 11;

- Number of unique properties: 20;

- Number of square meters financed: 2816.13 m²; 

- Average project return: 8.75%;

- Average investor return: 13.25%;

- Repaid amount of principal: EUR 228 672.88;

- Late projects: 0;

- Amount financed: 2 390 450 EUR;

Projects portfolio

We’ve entered the second half of the third year of our operations, and our projects’ portfolio continues to remain in solid shape. In Q2, we had 3 different projects in Lithuania and Spain being partially and fully realized. Additionally, no projects were late or defaulted and continued to outperform the investment return initially offered at the fundraising of the project. The main reasons for that are: projects had interest indexation - meaning their interest rate was indexed to inflation, and additionally, when you invest via the InRento, you participate in fixed or variable capital gains, thus as projects are realized this capital gain is paid and increases the investment return. We expect in the second half of the year even more projects to be realized based on the ongoing progress of projects.

InRento at the Nato Summit

This week we presented a keynote on Crowdfunding to international media at the Nato Summit side event “What’s next for the largest fintech hub in the EU?”. At this event, we shared the stage with the Bank of Lithuania, Revolut and Connectpay. In my presentation, I shared best practices of Lithuania related to Digital Identity (e-signatures), insights on very advanced and modern mortgage laws and how Lithuanian crowdfunding regulation paved the way for EU Crowdfunding regulations as the Bank of Lithuania was an early-mover of crowdfunding regulation in the EU.

Key takeaways of the keynote

- Financial institutions can place mortgages over property remotely, using eNotary services and Microsoft Teams.

- In Lithuania, a mortgage is being registered typically on the same day and is made public instantly after registration. Which, in comparison with other EU member states, is exceptionally fast.

- Lithuania’s state registry is public, and pretty much everyone has access to data, which enables more secure and faster lending and investments.

- Lithuania ranks 2nd in the EU in the amount invested in crowdfunding deals proportional to the population size, which amounts to 57.5 EUR invested per capita.

- InRento is one of the very few crowdfunding platform operators with 0 late and default projects.

Platform updates

We’ve introduced a couple of new features recently. One of which is the ability to connect your Google account with InRento!

Now investors can connect their InRento account using Google (Gmail) account. This integration simplifies the registration and login process and enhances the user experience.

The integration of Google authentication with InRento offers a number of benefits. Users no longer have to remember separate login credentials for accessing the InRento account. They can enjoy a smooth login experience by clicking the "Continue with Google" button.

In order for existing investors to connect their InRento account with Google, please go to the account section at the very bottom of the account page next to the log-out button.

Another feature that we’ve implemented and hope that it will boost your experience is the different layout of project stages. Now investors when entering the project, can easily navigate with tabs at the top of the page to go and see past stages. With this update, investors will be able to easier track the progress of projects, compare before and after images and documents. Project updates from now will be sent for all project stages as one update.

Latest news of Q2

- InRento has raised the share capital to EUR 694,673

- Good news for landlords, worse news for tenants: rental prices are not likely to decrease in Vilnius

- InRento exceeds EUR 10 million amount funded!

Kind regards,
Gustas Germanavičius 
CEO and Founder of InRento