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Delfi: Record-high real estate prices also led to changes in rental prices (in Lithuanian language)

InRento's CEO Gustas Germanavicius talks about rental trends on the biggest news portal in Lithuania.


Business podcast: Investing in rental properties without a landlord hassle (in Lithuanian language)

What is crowdfunding? How does the rental properties market change? What is the timeshare when investing in real estate? About the latter and the possibility of investing small amounts and not worrying about landlord's hassle speaks InRento's CEO Gustas.


Vlog: rental properties crowdfunding: what is it? (in Lithuanian language)

Real estate remains one of the most popular investments among Lithuanians. A vlogger, Žilvinas Butkevičius talks to the CEO of Inrento Gustas Germanavičius about real estate crowdfunding and the opportunities it opens for small investors.


Investing your money in rental properties? What to know.

What would your answer be if you asked yourself what the most important criteria for investing in buy-to-let property is? The two most common answers are usually price and location. These two elements are very often used as search terms by investors looking for opportunities online. But is it enough? Firsthand experience by InRento’s CEO Gustas Germanavicius.


TV show: investing in rental properties (in Lithuanian language)

Until now, real estate investments have been accessible only to the rich and institutional investors. The TV show discusses the new age of investing in rental properties via crowdfunding.


Webinar: investing in rental properties in Spain (in Lithuanian language)

We are happy to present rental projects in Spain! During a special webinar, the CEO of InRento explains the Spanish real estate market.


InRento in “Žinių radijas“ show - “Tarp keturių sienų“

This show is about a Buy to Let crowdfunding platform where people invest in real estate rent. In this way, those who do not have the savings to buy personal real estate have the opportunity to participate in this type of investment, which is very popular in Lithuania. Gustas Germanavičius, the founder of the investment platform InRento, will tell about it. (Video in Lithuanian language).

04/04/2021 Low-Risk Returns on Real Estate with InRento

In this episode, Jean sits down with Gustas from InRento to discuss this recently launched platform that specializes in rental properties in Lithuania. If you’re looking to learn more about how the rental market works, and what is the risk spectrum for the different ways you can invest in the real estate market, this is the podcast for you.


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