Forest 22, Vilnius I

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    Available for funding:  €75 862
    €414 138
    €490 000 goal
    357 investors

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    9% - 9.5%

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    Total expected

    Reasons to invest in the project Forest 22, Vilnius I:

    Buy-to-let project with ground parking spaces – in an attractive part of Vilnius city;

    Variable capital gains – up to 30% investor profit share;

    Interest is paid monthly with an attractive 9% – 9.5% annual return;

    The loan has full surety issued to another company of the shareholder that has been in business for almost 30 years;

    The loan to value (LTV) for this stage of the project is 56%, and the maximum LTV for the whole project is 70%;

    An independent appraiser appraised the project at EUR 878,000.

    The InRento team presents a new buy-to-let project – Forest 22, Vilnius I. The investment offer consists of a house with a land plot next to the forest, located 12 minutes by car from Vilnius Old Town.

    The address of the property is Sutemų str. 22, Vilnius. The plan is to make efficient use of the entire 753.29 m² of the current building by adding 25 residential units of 18 – 35 m².

    The furnishing will be carried out following modern standards, meeting the requirements of the Class A housing category. Surface parking spaces are planned in the area. This project is oriented towards rental and future realisation of the property. 

    An independent appraiser appraised 8 acres of land (0101-0068-0226) at EUR 176,000 and a 753.29 m² residential house (1099-0037-1017) at EUR 702,000. The total value of the mortgaged assets of the financed project is EUR 878,000.

    The project owner's expected profit (capital gain) on selling all the units would be from EUR 450,000, split between the project owner and the investors. The maximum loan amount for this project is EUR 810,000, on which the variable capital gains will be calculated in the event of a sale of the properties at a higher price. 

    The project allows investors to earn a return on variable capital gains if the property is sold at a higher price. The investors' share of the profit (capital gains) is up to 30%. Please note that investors are subject to an accounting fee on capital gains, which depends on the amount invested – the higher the amount invested, the lower the accounting fee.

    This project has the lowest risk level – A. The maximum loan duration for this project is only – 18 months.

    The loan to value (LTV) for this stage of the project is 56%, and the maximum LTV for the whole project is 70%.