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Total expected

Reasons to invest in the project M10 Co-living, Vilnius VIII:

Co-living project with children's playground and surface parking spaces;

Variable capital gains - investors' share of profits is 30%;

Interest is paid monthly to investors with an attractive annual return of 8% – 8.4%;

The partial realisation of the project took place, depending on the amount invested, the return on investment (ROI) for this partial return ranged from 23.54% to 35.34% depending on the amount invested;

Experienced project owner with extensive experience in the microflat segment;

The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for this project is 60%, and the maximum LTV for the entire project is 70%;

According to the independent appraiser’s reports, the value of the property has increased from EUR EUR 1,221,000 to EUR 1,927,000 in 10 months.

InRento team presents a eight stage of the buy-to-let project – M10 Co-living, Vilnius VIII. The investment offer consists of – three buildings and a plot of land located just 15 minutes away with a car from Vilnius Old Town at Mokyklos g. 10A, Galgiai, Vilnius district.

The first stage of this project was financed on the InRento platform in May last year. During this period, seven phases have been funded for a total amount of EUR 1,096,900. The owner of the project is successfully paying interest to investors every month.
On 25 September, the investors for phases I-IV of the project were repaid a total of EUR 38,116.33 as a result of the successful sale of two properties. This project has variable capital gains and therefore, depending on the amount invested, the return on investment (ROI) for this tranche ranged from 23.54% to 35.34%. The average price per square meter of the units sold was EUR 1,679, which is higher than the value indicated in the property appraisal report.

According to the independent appraiser’s reports, the value of the property has increased from EUR 1,221,000 to EUR 1,927,000 in 10 months. This change is due to the intermediate installation works carried out by the project owner, which include underfloor heating installed, partition walls built, property subdivided according to the order of use, windows replaced to A+ class, façade insulation, and renovation works started. For updated photos of the installation, please see the project gallery, scroll right.

The funding includes a plot of land of 0.29 Ha and three buildings with a total area of 1612.66 m². The buildings are to be insulated and fully renovated following modern standards, meeting the requirements of the Class A housing category.

A total of 31 housing units are planned for these buildings, of which 14 will be one-room apartments, 12 will be two-room apartments, and 5 will be three-room apartments. In addition, a children's playground and surface parking spaces are planned in the nearby area. The project is focused on long-term rent and future sales.

The rental income is expected to generate EUR 12,600 per month, which covers the amount of interest paid to investors monthly. The project owner, Linas Ginaitis, successfully manages several buy-to-let projects on the InRento platform and does not have a single late project.

Investors will be paid a fixed annual interest of 8% – 8.4% depending on the amount invested. 

The project allows investors to earn a return on variable capital gains (profit share) when the property is sold at a higher price. The investors' share of the profit (capital gains) is 30%. 


Please be informed that the property rental project – M10 Co-living, Vilnius has been partially realized.

The sale of two property units has been successfully completed. Investors for I-IV stages of a project in total 38,115.33 € of principal was repaid. This project has variable capital gains. 

Depending on the amount invested, the return to investors (ROI) ranged from 23.54% to 35.34%. 

The disbursement of funds is currently underway and will be distributed within 1 working day. We plan to present the new stage of funding for this project this week.


We would like to inform you that the mortgage on the project’s – M10 Co-living, Vilnius assets, has been successfully placed (the document is attached in the documents section).

The first interest payment for this project will be distributed next month.