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9% - 9.5%

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Total expected

Reasons to invest in the project Monte Cassino 7, Poland IV:

The financed property is located in the central part of Świnoujście;

Świnoujście is one of the popular Baltic Sea resorts, which has one of the largest and most modern ferry terminals in Poland;

Interest is payable monthly with a very attractive annual return of 9% – 9.5%, plus an additional fixed annual return on capital gains: +1.5% (payable at the end of the project);

Fixed interest linked (indexed) to inflation;

The loan to value (LTV) for the whole project is very attractive at 49%;

The premises were valued by an independent valuer at EUR 1,855,260 (converting 1 PLN = EUR 0.22);

The potential currency exchange rate risk is borne by the project owner – HO-BU POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

InRento team presents the last stage of financing of the buy-to-let project – Monte Cassino 7, Poland IV. 

The investment offer consists of a five-storey building with a basement with a total area of 2022 m², located in the central part of Świnoujście, which is just 13 km away from the German border. 

This building is modernised and reconstructed. The plan is to develop 25 m² and 40 m² apartments for rent. Renovation works will initially be carried out, including facade renewal, replacement of window frames, plumbing and electrical systems. Subsequently, the apartments will be partially fitted out on all floors of the building. The living space of the building is not encumbered by complex technical solutions. This allows for the use of the most efficient and sought-after housing solutions. 

Świnoujście is one of the more popular Baltic Sea resorts and has one of the largest and most modern ferry terminals in Poland, with regular services to Denmark and Sweden. 

The key benefit of this project is its location. The building is only a few hundred metres from the passenger terminal, with a supermarket, a spa park, a school and a kindergarten nearby. The beach is also close by – 1.6 km. from the property. 

The owner of the project is HO-BU POLSKA Sp. z o.o. This Poland company is successfully managing another buy-to-let project in Poland funded by the InRento platform, called Green 27, Poland. Meanwhile, the related company, Ho-Bu Lietuva, UAB, has completed large conversion projects in Vilnius and developed tens of thousands of square metres of rental property. More about the company and its activities can be found on their website.

Investors will be paid a fixed monthly interest of 9% – 9.5% per annum, depending on the amount invested.

This project also has a fixed annual capital growth rate of 1.5%, payable at the end of the project. This raises the overall yield of this phase from 10.5% to 11% annual return.

The maximum loan duration for this project is only 18 months. The maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for this project is very attractive at 49%. 

Please note that the mortgage for this project signed, thus the interest for this phase will start to accrue to the investors as soon as the money is actually disbursed to the project owner.


We would like to inform you that due to the longer than expected delay in the process of pledging the property to the investors, it has been agreed with the project owner that the interest for those who have invested in the first and second phases of the project will start to accrue as of 1 December of this year.

This is stated in the annex to the Special Terms and Conditions of the Loan Agreement, which can be found in the documents section.

For investors in the third and remaining phases, interest on the third and remaining phases will start to accrue on the day after the financing of the project phase.