Žemaitijos 1, Vilnius I

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€220 000
305 investors

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Annual fixed-return rate
6.1% - 6.6%

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Capital Gains
Fixed 1.5 % annualy

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Total expected

Reasons to invest in the project Žemaitijos 1, Vilnius I:

Short-term rent apartments in the Old Town of Vilnius;

Interest is paid monthly with an attractive annual return of 6.1% – 6.6%;

Fixed annual return on capital gains: +1.5% (paid at the end of the project);

Fixed interest linked (indexed) to inflation;

The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for this stage – is 30.5%. The maximum LTV for the whole project is 75%;

An independent appraiser valued the premises at EUR 719,000.

InRento team presents a new buy-to-let project – Žemaitijos 1, Vilnius I. The investment offer consists of premises in the prime street of Vilnius' Old Town with address: Žemaitijos g. 1B. 

Investment offering includes two apartments and three studios with a total area of 186.10 m². These fully furnished and well-equipped apartments are orientated towards short-term rent and are located in the Old Town of Capital Vilnius. The object is financed together with the land plot.

This project has a timeshare, whereby investors can stay in these premises for free if they invest more than EUR 5,000 (more information at the bottom of the project description).

The project owner – UAB “Ryto Projektas“. The manager of the company Daumantas Mikučionis manages and administrates tens of apartments in Vilnius old town under his brand name Domillion, you can find thousands of reviews on him via Airbnb

Investors will be paid a fixed annual interest of 6.1% – 6.6% depending on the amount invested. This project has a fixed 1.5% annual capital gains, which are paid at the end of the project. This raises the overall yield of the project between 7.6% and 8.1% annual return.


We would like to inform you that yesterday clients who invested in the Žemaitijos 1, Vilnius project were paid a cashback of 0.35% of the invested amount.

We have decided to pay this amount to the investors as a compensation for the fact that the mortgage transaction took longer than anticipated.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


We would like to inform you that the mortgage on the project’s – Žemaitijos 1, Vilnius asset, has been successfully placed (the document is attached in the documents section).

This week we will distribute a cashback payment of 0.35% of the invested amount to all investors. The interest payment for this project will be distributed in April.


Dear investors, 

Please be informed that the acquisition process of the buy-to-let project – Žemaitijos 1, Vilnius, has been slightly extended. The property sale required additional agreements from the National Land Authority, which must be submitted within 20 working days.

In this regard, we will pay a cashback of 0.35% of the invested amount to all investors when the mortgage is signed and the property is mortgaged to the lenders.

We apologise for this temporary inconvenience.