K1, Vilnius I

Available for funding:  €0
€500 000
€500 000 goal
520 investors

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Annual return rate::
7.5-8% + 2%

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Capital Gains Split:
0% – 20%
Reasons to invest in the project K1, Vilnius I:

The premises are located in the Old Town of Vilnius;

Attractive fixed annual rental yield (7.5-8%);

Fixed minimum annual return on capital gains (+2%) (payable at the end of the project);

Variable capital gains. Capital gains share range between 0% and 20% depending on the amount invested;

Fixed interest linked (indexed) to inflation;

The premises were valued by an independent valuer at EUR 755,000;

InRento team presents a new rental property - K1, Vilnius I. This project is unique that investors in this project can earn interest from: rental income (7.5-8% annually), fixed minimum capital gains (2% annually) and variable capital gains based on invested amount. The investment offer consists of premises located in the central part of Vilnius, which will be converted into smaller lofts.

The location of the financed object is Vilnius Old Town - Kauno str. 1A, Vilnius. Historically, data suggests that real estate prices in Vilnius Old Town tend to be very stable. The area of these premises is 439.65 m², and the value of the property at which it is mortgaged for the first stage is just EUR 1,137 per m². In comparison, the price statistics of "Aruodas'' indicate that the average price per square meter of apartments for sale in Vilnius Old Town exceeds the EUR 4,200 threshold. 

The premises are located in a very attractive location in Vilnius: 450 meters from the train station, 900 meters from Vilnius City Hall and adjacent to the building there is an event space and a café called “Kablys”. We present visualisations of possible interior furnishing.


We would like to inform you that the mortgage on the project – K1, Vilnius asset has been successfully placed (the document is attached in the documents section). The interest for the project will be distributed next month.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@inrento.com or call us at +37069347427. 

InRento team