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Annual fixed-return rate
8.75% - 9.13%

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Fixed 3.25% annualy

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Total expected

Reasons to invest in the project Avanti Hotel III:

Fixed attractive annual rental yield: (8.01-8.51%);

Fixed annual return on capital gains: (+3.25%) (paid at the end of the project);

The owner is an experienced real estate administrator;

The fixed annual interest is indexed to inflation;

The independent valuer appraised the premises at EUR 684,000;

The “InRento” team presents a new buy-to-let investment opportunity: Avanti Hotel III. The investment offer is a hotel - AVANTI - located in a popular tourist destination in the northern part of Lithuania, the city of Biržai, at the address: Maironio str. 8, Biržai.

The hotel covers an area of ​​1080.44 m², consisting of 19 rooms, a conference room, a restaurant, a café, and common areas. The hotel has a private territory, including parking for guests. The site is guarded and monitored with security cameras.

The AVANTI Hotel generates revenue and is operational. However, the hotel’s renovation is planned in order to increase profitability. This will include both interior and administration aspects.

The owner, Justas Kaveckas, has already completed two projects on InRento (Modern office and S11-A, Vilnius). The average annual return for investors was 19.49%. As Biržai is his hometown, he knows the city well and sees the potential of this project.

The project owner will pay a fixed 8.01 – 8.51% annual interest (as a rental return) depending on the amount invested. The project also has a fixed percentage of capital gains. Investors earn a fixed 3.25% return on capital gains per year, which raises the overall return on the project to 11.26% – 11.76% annual return based on the amount invested.

This project has a timeshare, meaning that investors can stay in this hotel for free if they invest more than EUR 5000 (more information at the bottom of the project description).

We invite you to learn more about the city of Biržai.



We would like to inform you that the common areas, conference room, restaurant, cafeteria and some rooms of this hotel have been renovated over the last year. This has increased the value and appearance of the property.

According to the following improvements made by the project owner and the updated property appraisal report, an annex has been added to the special conditions (see the document in the documents section).

In accordance with the annex to the special conditions, it has been decided to finance the fourth stage of this project. The terms of the project remain unchanged for investors, and the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio will be 68%.


We would like to inform you, that the mortgage on the project – Avanti Hotel asset has been successfully placed (the document is attached in the documents section). The interest for the project will be distributed next month.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@inrento.com.