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InRento is the EU’s first and largest buy-to-let crowdfunding platform.
How are we different?
Licensed & Regulated
InRento is the EU's first and largest licensed buy-to-let crowdfunding platform. Services of InRento are licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. Learn more here.
Earn income from rent & capital gains
Income on the InRento platform is generated from rent and capital gains. Income from rent is distributed monthly, while capital gains are distributed at the end of the project.
Secondary Market
Worried that you will need your money sooner than the project is finished? You can exit your investments early at any time by selling the investment on the Secondary Market.
Antidote for inflation
In most of the projects, income from rent is adjusted to inflation to protect your capital from depreciation. The historical data of the real estate market shows that real estate tends to outperform inflation by around 1% in the long run.
Collateral and security
All investment on the InRento platform are secured mortgages. In most of the projects, the interest rate that is being paid by the borrower doesn’t exceed the rental income which reduces the borrower’s default risk.